Building Permits


  1. Verify your address through the Laurens County E-911 Office. If you are building or adding an additional home (stick-built or manufactured/modular home), or have a building needing power, you will have to request a new E-911 Address. If you are not sure if you need a new address, you may contact the Laurens County E-911 Office at (478) 275-7099.

                  If you need a new address, click here.

  2. Go to the Laurens County Environmental Health Office to complete application and pay fee for septic permit. The Environmentalist will contact you within 2 to 3 days to set up an appointment for the site evaluation. Their phone number is (478) 275-6779.

  3. Go to the Laurens County E-911 Office to fill out and pay for your building permit. Payments can be made in cash, check or credit card.

  4. After the site evaluation has been completed, you must bring the building permit with you to Laurens County Environmental Health Office to pick up your septic permit. 

  5. If you are moving a mobile home, you will also need to get a moving permit from the Laurens County Tax Assessors Office. Their phone number is (478) 272-6443.

  6. All manufactured homes must receive an electrical inspection from the Laurens County Building Inspection Department. You May contact them at (478) 272-4755 or (478) 609-1370.

***Note: Georgia Power & Local EMC’s will not activate power to an account / address without the Building Inspection Departments approval. The Building Permit fee for manufacture homes covers the fee for the electrical inspection. 


Laurens County Commissioner’s Office / Building Permits

              $100.00 – Mobile/Modular Home Permits

              $25.00 – Permit for Additions/Businesses

              $0.25 – Cents per heated square foot for building homes.
                 *There is a $200.00 minimum charge for this permit *

Laurens County Environmental Health Office / Septic Application

             $175.00 – New, Repair or Additional septic permits

             $150.00 – Relocation permit