Property Taxes

For the last few years I have tried to keep up with how Laurens County taxes compare to surrounding counties and others around the state.  I have tweaked my model over the years in an attempt to capture not only the raw numbers but to compare the main factors I believe affect the millage rate: population and area.  You will notice that those with populations high enough to rival or surpass that of Laurens County, invariably, have a substantially smaller area to serve.

Laurens County has the 12th lowest millage rate in Georgia.  This means that in a state of 159 counties, Laurens County is better than 92% of its peers.  It’s also worth noting that when comparing Laurens County to surrounding counties, our tax rate is lower than half of the average!  

When looking at all available information, Laurens County is one of if not the most efficient tax collecting county in the state of Georgia.

2019 taxes