Laurens County Solid Waste Management Authority


Michael Snipes

Solid Waste Director

Phone (478) 676-3963

Fax (478) 676-3965

1645 Old Hawkinsville Road

1101-L Hillcrest Parkway, PMB# 417

Dublin, Georgia 31021


Approved Waste

Prohibited Tires Household
Oil $1 Car Tires Diapers
Paint $5 Truck Tires Table Scraps
Batteries $10 Tractor Tires Freezer Waste
Hazardous Waste $20 Off Road Tires Kitchen Waste
Construction Metal Yardwaste
Carpet Stoves Trees (less than 24 diameter and 6 long)
Clothes Dryers Grass
Lumber Washers Limbs
Furniture Aluminum Leaves
Cardboard Refrigerators Shrubs
Electronics Lawnmowers Sawdust (clean)
Paper Products Big Metal Cans  
Building Material Trampoline Frames  


  Trees larger than 24 diameter  
  Trees longer than 6  
  Concrete blocks  


Construction - $25 per ton

Household - $34 per ton

Inert - $15 per ton

Yardwaste - $10 per ton

Metal - Free

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last updated October, 2008