Laurens County Emergency Medical Services

Laurens County Emergency Medical Service serves the citizens and visitors of Laurens County Georgia. Laurens County is the third largest county, by land area, in the state which includes the cities of:

  • Cadwell
  • Dexter
  • Dublin
  • Dudley
  • East Dublin
  • Montrose
  • Rentz

Mutual Aid services are also provided to the surrounding counties.

Medical Aid

Utilizing a fleet of 10 advanced life support ambulances, using all state required equipment as well as various pieces of state of the art equipment such as 12 lead ECG monitors, ETCO2, CPAP, etc, emergency medical response is provided 24/7/365. 

Medical Vehicles

Using 5, 24 hour trucks Laurens County EMS responds to approximately 10,000 calls per year providing emergency medical care to those in need. All units are staffed with a minimum of one Paramedic. The service is the sole 911 provider for Laurens County as well as the primary service for transfers from the local hospital.

Certified Personnel

All EMS personnel are licensed and must meet re-certification requirements as outlined by the State of Georgia Office of EMS. Laurens County EMS was the Georgia EMS service of the Year in 2011 and strives to be the "First In Emergency Care."