Board of Registrars


According to Georgia Election Code 21-2-212 the Chief Judge of Laurens County is to appoint a Board of Registrars that are electors recommended by the Grand Jury convening at that time. These Board Members consist of a Chief Registrar and four members to be sworn in to serve a four year term. Their terms shall commence on July 1 and expire on June 30 four years thereafter. Two of the registrars shall be appointed to serve two year terms and three registrars shall be appointed to serve four year terms. They are to represent Laurens County and all seven municipalities and shall not engage in any political activity on behalf of a candidate or political party. The 7 municipalities are:

  • Cadwell
  • Dexter
  • Dublin
  • Dudley
  • East Dublin
  • Montrose
  • Rentz


Duties of the Board and their appointed Deputy Registrar and Clerks are to receive and process applications for voter registration. These applications determine by residence address the voting precinct these electors will be assigned. These applications are to remain in the custody of the Board of Registrars in a secured location. 

Election Information

Copies of the Electors information can only be obtained through a Court Order. Election information is created from these applications to be utilized at the polling precincts on Election Day. They are also the custodians for all Absentee Voting whether by Mail or Advanced Voting and to maintain the office as Election Officials for the twenty-one days of Advanced Voting. They also assist with the Georgia Reapportionment Office in the re-districting of all Commission Districts, School Board Districts and Municipal Wards. This process is done every 10 years after a Census has been completed.


As Registrars for Laurens County it is our goal to serve the people of this great County in their Election process so that each elector has a right to cast their vote.